black carbon micro grinding mill machine made by resem in punjab

Black carbon (BC, also referred to as black soot, black carbon aerosols, black carbon particles) refers to a solid particle emitted during incomplete combustion. The carbon black is mainly used in rubber reinforcing agent and filler, and is also used in the colorant of inks, coatings and plastics, and plastic products ultraviolet light shielding agent. Other products such as electrodes, dry batteries, resistors, explosives, cosmetics and polishing paste, it is also important aids.

black carbon micro grinding mill machine made by resem in punjab

Dispersion of carbon black pigment in water via bead milling is very difficult due to the extremely fine particle size of this material. In order to solve these questions, we designed high technology grinding mill by absorbing the Swedish advanced machine manufacturing techniques. Black carbon micro grinding mill is a new type machine to grind black carbon into super thin powder. Finished powder products are in the 325meshs -3000meshs, and yield can be up to 0.5-12 tons per hour.

Advantages of black carbon micro grinding mill

(1) Low investment cost.
(2) High powder output.
(3) Low wear and long service time of wear parts.
(4) High security and reliability.
(5) High fineness of finished product.
(6) Environmental protection.

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