Carbon slurry method for gold mining process

Process introduction:
The filter-free cyanidation carbon pulp process flow of using activated carbon to directly adsorb and recover gold from cyanide pulp. Cancellation of solid-liquid separation equipment, high gold recovery rate; activated carbon countercurrent adsorption, high adsorption rate.

Application areas:
Flotation gold concentrate or amalgamation, gravity tailings, or argillaceous oxide gold ore
Equipment required:
1. Primary jaw crusher – 2, three-stage hydraulic cone crusher HPC300 – 3, flotation machine – 4, dryer – 5, powder separator – 6, ball mill
Our company has exported gold ore beneficiation production line equipment to many countries around the world. We have a 500tph gold ore purification production line in South Africa, and a 600tph crude gold ore beneficiation production line that we invested in and produced in Algeria, etc.

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