How to choose vertical roller mill

At present, there are various vertical roller mills in the grinding mill markets, so is the brand and manufacturers. Under this circumstance, how should we choose vertical roller mill and vertical roller mill manufacturers?

Firstly, we suggest that the enterprise’s size and advertising promotion can not be the only reference. And the comparison of proper structure, convenient safeguard & repair, advanced technological economic standard, insurance after-sale service, low cost of delivery, high capacity of research & development, etc. is also important.

Secondly, we advise that the product line in China would better select and use domestic vertical roller mill and reduction gears. From the test of several large sized vertical roller mills cooperate with the cement clinker production line which has the power of dealing capacity of 5000 ton per day, it is obvious that the domestic vertical roller mill and reduction gears has the characteristic of mature technology, which can meet the requirement of 5000t/d cement clinker production line, and short supplying period and low price. And the imported vertical roller mill has the long time of supplying the goods, which is also expensive with more than 50% price than the domestic vertical roller mill. What’s more, the imported vertical roller mill often has the stoppage after 3-5 years with the long time to repair and high fee for changing the device, which results the stop of the whole production line for several months.

Thirdly, we argue that the model that one kiln should equip with one mill may not be the best choice. Because the craft is simple with the large sized vertical roller mill of difficult delivering. The suggestion of one kiln with two mills is better advised for the remote area with inconvenient transportation.

Lastly, we suggest the imported parts and devices should not be always believed to choose and select. Although it is beneficial for imported parts and devices, the repair, maintain, accessories, and fee should be considered, too. It is worth of importing the hydraulic component, hydro-cylinder confidential of low price. So the expensive parts such as main reduction gears, gears, spring, etc are suggested to use the domestic devices.

With the development of economy, Liming Heavy Industry devotes the research and development of mill 10 years ago. We can meet the different requirement on fineness and production.

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