copper mineral processing price in pakistan

Copper has a wide range of application and demand, such as in electric, marine, aviation, communication, petrochemicals, household appliances, high-energy physics, metallurgy, etc. Copper mineral processing techniques refers to the methods for obtaining copper from its ores. As in all copper mining operations, the copper ore must usually be beneficiated (concentrated).

copper mineral processing price in pakistan

The first stage in copper concentration is liberation grinding (called comminution). Typically the copper bearing minerals exist within the rock as grains of a particular size. The rock then has to be crushed down to “liberate” these copper mineral grains so that they can later be separated from the rest of the minerals. The grain sized can often be in the µm size. The smaller the more difficult it can be.

The second stage is to separate the liberated ore from the gangue minerals using a set of mineral processing tools.

We are leading beneficiation equipments manufacturer and supplier, we can help customers design specific beneficiation solutions and supply complete set of mineral processing plant euqipments.  Copper processing plants are generally divided into:crushing – grinding – classifying – flotation – copper concentrate and tailings process. If you needs these equipments, please contact us !

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