cost of small scale australian gold refinery equipments

Deep mined gold (shafts already reach a depth of 3000m in South Africa) or surface mined gold will initially be crushed and the heavy gold containing fraction separated out. Further concentration will take place at the mines usually culminating in a smelting operation to produce gold doré, an alloy containing 50-90% gold. Our latest small scale gold refining equipment is suitable for Gold and Silver refining and is based on the internationally adopted method of refining precious metals and has incorporated further improvements.

 cost of small scale australian gold refinery equipments

We supply all equipment relating to ore extraction and ore beneficiation – include:

  • Gold processing
  • Mining compressor
  • Diesel compressor
  • Gold crusher
  • Gold crushing
  • Rock crusher
  • Mine hoist
  • Underground drilling

as well as refining and smelting equipment.

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