gold ore crushing machines in gold mining plant

Renewed concerns about conditions in global financial markets, as well as ongoing tension in the Middle East, have added to gold’s lustre. These trends have renewed investor interest in the metal, which has resulted in a rising gold price. The Gold Ore Mining industry is expected to generate revenue of about $14.3 billion in 2011-12, compared with $7.73 billion in 2006-07, yielding average growth of about 13.1% per annum.

In gold mining plant, gold ore crushing machines contain jaw crusher and cone crusher. Jaw crusher is used as primary crusher or coarse crusher. Our PE series jaw crusher and PEW series jaw crusher are both suitable for gold ore coarse crushing. Through belt conveyor, these gold ore particles enter cone crusher for secondary crushing. CS series cone crusher and HP series cone crusher are both excellent.

gold ore crushing machines in gold mining plant

Sometimes small jaw crusher is also can used as secondary crusher. Besides these machines, some other machines are used in gold mining plant such as vibrating feeder and hopper. Jaw crusher and cone crusher are common machine used in many different stone crushing plant.

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