Kaolin Mining Processing Technology Introduction

Kaolin Resource Description:
Kaolin is developed in recent years a new type of rubber filler. Kaolin in ceramics, rubber, plastics, leather, since the cement, refractories, chemical and other industries and agriculture are widely used. With further increase of high sandfly soil beneficiation process, the kaolin will increasingly wide range of applications. Coal Geological system equipment units, from the actual situation, based on the coal-bearing strata of high sandfly soil resources and market demand. Kaolin is ubiquitous in nature a non-metallic mineral, in the past generally used for the production of ceramics, refractory materials and a small amount incorporated into plastics, rubber filler ashamed. With the increasing development of the national economy in various fields, there is growing emphasis on deep processing of high lacewing soil, because it can not only obtain new materials with special properties
Kaolin Mining Processing  Technology

1.The first stage:
Beneficiation, ore crushing, ground into powder of 325 mesh or less
2.second stage:
The powder into buckets, water was added and the slurry stirred dispersant beating, ultra-fine grinding to 4500-6000 mesh;
3.The third stage:
The slurry was dried pulverized ultrafine broken, into the calciner is calcined by adding 1-3% of the total weight of the co-calcined white agents, brighteners by coal, sodium sulfate and sodium chloride, by weight 10:0.3:0.2 mix. Calcination temperature 970-990 ℃
4.The fourth stage:
Broken packaging for the finished product

Kaolin Grinding Plants Used Mining Machines on show:

1.MTW Series Grinding Mill Machines

2. Primary Jaw Crushers

3. Other auxiliary equipments

  1. Investment prospects
    Currently, the global total output of about 40 million tons of kaolin, which is about 23.5 million tons of refined earth. The paper industry is the largest consumer of refined kaolin sector, accounting for about 60% of the total consumption of kaolin. According to data provided by the company Temanex Consulting Canada, in 2000 the global paper and paperboard output of about 319 million tons, the world’s paper coating kaolin total amount of about 13.6 million tons. For general cultural paper, packing paper accounts for 10-20% by weight. For coated paper and paperboard (including lightweight coated paper, coated paper and coated paperboard), in addition to packing, but also we need to paint, fill, kaolin proportion of pigments for paper weight of 20-35%. Kaolin used in paper making, paper can give a good performance and good coating coverage luster performance, but also increase the whiteness of the paper, opacity, smoothness and printability, greatly improving the quality of the paper.
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