LM Series Vertical mill in power desulfurization processing plants

Power plant emissions of sulfur dioxide are the main way: coal washing, clean coal combustion technology and flue gas desulfurization. Coal washing and coal currently only remove part of inorganic sulfur, organic sulfur in the coal is no economically viable technology to remove.

Circulating fluidized bed flue gas desulfurization (dry FGD) process characteristics: circulating fluidized bed flue gas desulfurization process by the partial absorbent preparation, absorption tower, desulfurization ash recycling, filter and control system components. The process is commonly used as a dry powder of lime absorber, it may also have other sulfur dioxide absorption reaction capability as an absorbent powder or slurry.

Furnace Sorbent Injection tail humidifier flue gas desulfurization process (LIFAC) Process characteristics: a suitable temperature in the coal-fired boiler limestone injection zone and the boiler air preheater additional activation reactor for removal of flue gas SO2.

The power desulfurization processing plants used machines including as follows:

Primary Crushing Plants: Stone Jaw Crusher ,PE Jaw Crushers

Second Crushers: Impact Crushers

Grinding Mills: LM Series Vertical Roller Mills

Other Auxiliary Equipments: Conveyor belts

Power desulfurization Processing plants overview:

  1. beneficiation, crushing limestone, ground into powder 200-300 purpose
  2. limestone powder and water to form a slurry pump into the absorber as an absorbent in contact with the flue gas full mix
  3. The flue gas sulfur dioxide and calcium carbonate slurry and the oxidation reaction column from the lower portion of the drum into the air to produce calcium sulfate, calcium sulfate after a certain saturation, gypsum crystals form. After exiting the absorber gypsum slurry was concentrated, dehydrated to a moisture content of less than 10%.
  4. Use the conveyor to the dehydration of gypsum silo stack, flue gas desulfurization after removing mist droplets through, and then after a heat exchanger to heat up the chimney into the atmosphere.
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