Measures to Improve the Working Efficiency of Vibrating Screen

Measures to Improve the Working Efficiency of Vibrating Screen
Some Measures to Improve the Efficiency of Vibrating Screen
1 .Select the appropriate type of vibrating screen
2. reasonable choice of vibration motor and adjust the excitation force
The reasonable selection of vibration motor is one of the key factors affecting the screening performance, and the excitation force is the main factor affecting the productivity of sieving.
1) Selection of vibration motor
2) Excitation force adjustment

3 to improve the screen surface movement
The movement of the sieve surface has a great influence on the working efficiency of the vibrating screen
1) The amplitude of the vertical direction of the screen surface should be greater than the vertical amplitude of the discharge end.
2) along the length of the screen surface, from the material began, the material movement speed should be decreasing state.
4 using non-metallic sieve
1) improve the screening efficiency. It can be compared with the metal mesh screening efficiency increased by about 20%.
2) good wear resistance, long service life. Its average life is more than 25 times the metal screen.
3) reduce the installation time. Improve the equipment operating rate D due to non-metallic material screen life greatly extended, reducing the number of screen surface replacement, than the metal screen equipment operating rate can be increased by 15%.
5 .multi-channel feeding method
6 .to strengthen the operation and management

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