Mobile crusher machine used to build high-speed railway and the new rural construction

At present, the global economy in a low period, all countries would like to save the economy through various means, we are investing heavily in infrastructure through the construction of stimulating domestic demand, stimulate the economy, the practice of domain Wai include high-speed railway and the construction of new countryside construction. Construction of high-speed railway and the new rural development with the most concrete. Of construction waste, broken concrete production can be processed. New type of foam concrete in particular emerging as a building material, in the railway and the new rural development play a significant role.

The so-called foam concrete method refers to the mechanical preparation of the aqueous solution into the bubble bubble, bubble and then adding water, cementitious materials and various additives in the composition of the slurry, after mixing, casting molding, conservation form, is a kinds of porous building materials. Foam concrete with light weight, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire resistance, seismic and non-flammable properties, the use of foam concrete as a wall, to a significant reduction in thermal conductivity with good thermal insulation effect. In buildings to replace the use of foam concrete Clay, Clay, not only can reduce the number of the protection of arable land use, and can enhance the effect of wall insulation; foam concrete fly ash and slag can also be used, etc., not only to consumption of solid waste objects, but also reduce production costs.

The introduction of mobile crusher stations, foam concrete is the preferred processing equipment. Liming Heavy Industry is a production of large and medium-sized series of crushers,impact crusher, milling machine-based R & D, production, sales as one of the joint-stock enterprises. The company has an experienced and skilled sales and service team and perfect sales service network. The company attaches great importance to international technical exchanges and cooperation, has brought in the United States, Germany, Australia and other countries of advanced technology and processes, with sets of production equipment, the establishment of the international advanced production line and first-class modern testing base. The company attaches great importance to new products, new technology development, won six national invention patents and 16 patent countries.

Actively absorb advanced management ideas, and effectively build a first-class team of employees. New mobile crusher station is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, building materials, utilities often need to move materials processing operations, especially for highways, railways, hydropower projects, such as the mobility of stone work. Users can process raw materials in accordance with the type, size and material requirements of different products using a variety of configurations.

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