Mobile Crushing Plant Takes a Lead in Coal Mining

The tracked crusher & tire type mobile crusher of Liming Heavy Industry change the operating mode of the traditional crushing work in the open cut coal mine, which is successfully used in open cut mine and increases the efficiency of processing. The new type of Mobile Crushing Plant can combine with the jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine and screening, with the efficiency of coarse and fine processing of coal mine. No matter it is tracked crusher or tire type mobile crusher, it can be placed anywhere according to the necessity of the operating, which can save a lot of time of coal mining because of its flexibility. So it has been given a warm welcome by coal mining company of various places.

To ensure the high efficiency with low cost of coal mining, the technology updating of mobile crusher and the effective improvement of each link of coal mining need to make better. The mining method and development of technology is the theme of mining subject.

The development will drive each link of coal mining to change. And the modern tendency is high output, high efficiency, totally security and high reliability, with the basic path of the combination of coal mining technology & modern high technology, i.e. the mobile crusher’s appearance as a good lead. The coal mining technology can be improved by researching and developing the strong force, high efficiency, safety, reliable, durable, intellectualized coal mining equipment and production monitoring system. With the same time of the modern coal mining development, the multilevel and diversified coal mining craft should continue go on to build the Chinese characteristic coal mining theory. The long wall mining coal mining method becomes mature, and the top coal caving mining is continuously developing with the increasing of the application level and theory research. The heavy pitch, unsteady, complex geologic structure with the difficult coal bed has a big room to research, which the main direction is enhancing per unit area yield and the level of mechanization.

To develop the high efficient and intensification technology of coal mining and build the mine technology with high reliability & high output and efficient, which can increase the working output per unit area yield, the kernel of concentration of production is to enhance the economic benefit and researching all kinds of high-effect & reliability equipment and the mining arrangement of brief, reliable production system. The whole set technology with the production monitoring system and scientific management can develop all kinds of mining of coal bed’s mechanization with the further improvement of craft and equipment. The application level should increase and the area should expanse, which can increase the level and degree of mechanized mining. And the appearance of mobile crusher breaks a new situation between the coal mining & high technology. No matter it is from the working method of mobile crusher, or the flexibility and feasibility design of the combination of jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making crusher, the modern direction of machinery is reflected, which is also the big question that we should pay more attention to the coal mining industry.

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