Mobile Impact Crusher safety operation procedures

Mobile Impact Crusher is one of the most important crushing equipments in broken production line, in the process of use we should pay attention to safe operation at first:

1、When Mobile Impact Crusher is running, the staff can not stand in the inertial force within the scope of the action line, and the electrical switch installation should avoid this location.
2、When Mobile Impact Crusher is running, it is strictly prohibited to open the inspection door to observe the situation inside , make any adjustments , cleaning and maintenance work to avoid danger.
3、It is strictly prohibited to throw materials that can not be broken into to avoid damage to the machine.
4、We should be cut off the power before overhauling Impact Crusher.
5、When the machine is running, it is strictly prohibited to the machine work overload.
6、The electrical equipment should be grounded, wire should be reliable and insulation.
7、When using hydraulic to open and close cover system, it is strictly prohibited that there are someone in the two direction of the box frame moving. Opening end, we must pad the pad well in the lower part of the support arm, and to ensure a solid , reliable and absolute security before other work.

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