Pakistan double toggle jaw crusher

Pakistan double toggle jaw crushers are specially designed for hardest and toughest abrasive materials. It is widely used in quarries, ore mining, ore crushing in metallurgical plants, recycling industry and other primary industry areas.

Pakistan double toggle jaw crusher

Double-toggle jaw crushers are equipped with a system of toggle levers, which are moved up and down by a pitman via an eccentric shaft.

The alternating stretching and bending movements cause an oscillating motion of the swing jaw. Since the material to be crushed falls down by gravitation, the pressure which is necessary to crush the material is generated, when the swing jaw moves forward in the narrowing crushing chamber. This process is intensified by the toothing on the crushing jaw liners.

When the swing jaw retreats, the crushed material exits the crushing chamber through the pre-selected gap at the bottom, while new material slips down from the top. The toggle lever system ensures a very good power transmission from the drive unit to the crushing tools making double-toggle jaw crushers the ideal machines for the crushing of hardest and toughest materials. Even with very abrasive materials, only minimum wear is observed.

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