Reproduction slag utilization processing technology

Reproduction slag utilization technology

Slag is an industrial solid waste, steelmaking slag discharged, according to the furnace into the converter slag, slag level, electric furnace slag. Mainly composed of calcium, iron, silicon, magnesium and a small amount of aluminum, manganese, phosphorus oxide composition. Slag at a temperature of 1500 ~ 1700 ℃ formed, usually under dark gray, dark brown, high-temperature liquid form, after slow cooling was massive. Sometimes due to the magnesium oxide, calcium free to react with water or moisture, resulting clinker volume expansion and fragmentation; sometimes due to a large number of dicalcium silicate contained in the cooling process (when about 675 ℃) by the β transformation for the γ type and fragmentation.

Slag beneficiation process description:
The prevailing method of processing slag is poured hot method, liquid slag is about to pour into a special disposal site, the slag layer thickness of 30 cm below the spray the right amount of water to promote its cooling, followed by crushing, screening, magnetic separation to recover metal, the comprehensive utilization of clinker, the first is the use of the larger pieces of slag crusher broken into small particles which are then sieved, selected magnetic material need.

The method of comprehensive utilization of steel slag, slag will be crushed after baking drying, sieving magnetic separation, grinding crushed and sieved, wet magnetic separation grade pellet manufacturing process, can make full use of steel slag.

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