Sandstone production line design project

Sandstone production line is different from stone crushing line and sand making line, and has the function of stone crushing and sand making. A part of finished products are stones( larger than 5mm), other part are sands(less than 5mm). With this excellent performance, sandstone production line has been popular in the domestic and foreign customers.

For limestone, marble and other soft stones, it is easy to select sandstone processing equipments. The following is some common sandstone production line design project.

1. vibrating feeder + jaw crusher (optional) + impact crusher + vibrating screen

The jaw crusher is adopted or not according the feeding size, impact crusher is core of the whole production line. If you want to get more fine materials, you can select European Type Impact Crusher.

2. vibrating feeder + jaw crusher (optional) + vertical shaft impact crusher + vibrating screen

The method is suitable for the finished products that the proportion of sand is larger and the proportion of stone is less.

For granite, basalt, diabase and other rigid materials, it is difficult to select sandstone processing equipments, and the cost will increase. So we should fully take account of the investment cost and practicality of the production line, in order to obtain the maximum return on investment. In general, there are several methods about sandstone production line configuration.

1. vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + small jaw crusher + impact crusher + vibrating screen

Hard materials have larger wear and tear on the machine, especially for impact crusher board hammer. Through jaw crusher and small jaw crusher crushing, the materials size will become small, and be crushed by impact crusher. It has the features of high efficiency, low cost, and good finished products.

2. vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + cone crusher + impact crusher (optional) + vibrating screen

The cone crusher can effectively crush hard stones, such as granite, basalt, but it has bad finished products shape. You can select impact crusher according to actual needs, and it can effectively improve the grain shape quality of the finished product.

In all ,there are many design projects about sandstone production line. You can contact us and tell us your detailed demand information (stone type, capacity, feeding size, finished products size, etc.), we will help you design the best suitable sandstone production line.

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