sandvik spiral classifier machines for sand buy in obra

The sand classifier is a highly efficient dewatering device to separate the sand from raw effluent in the municipal sewage treatment plant or industrial WWTP. The sand classifier is an ingenious tailor-made and effective equipment for trapping and settling sand particles and conveying them well dewatered.

sandvik spiral classifier machines for sand buy in obra

Working principle of spiral classifier machines for sand

A mixture of sand and water is fed through one integrated flange. The mixture then flows down. Solids sink down to the lower section of the classifier whereas light organic matter is carried with the water and returned to the wastewater by overflow. Heavy particles are picked up by one especially designed EMO screw conveyor. This inclined SCV screw conveyor removes particles slowly right to the discharge chute and thus drained by gravity. Classified sand then drops from the screw conveyor into one garbage container.

Feturaes of spiral classifier machines for sand

Continuous separation process
Minimum operating and maintenance costs
Without bearings, and without water leakage design
Smooth decomposition of the small or large particles
Dry solid material discharge
Assemblage is possible to everywhere

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