Slag Crusher Plant,slag recycling machine

Slag is produced during the smelting process. A great deal of slags are produced on the earth daily during the processing of polishing metals , nonmetals as well as making metals. Like similar industrial waste materials or byproducts, slag actually also has many use.

Slag Crusher Plant,slag recycling machine

Common components of slag mainly include the oxides of plastic, aluminum, and magnesium, sulfur. Slag includes ash, phosphorous, calcium supplement, remnants regarding flux materials including limestone, and remainders regarding chemical responses between the metal and the furnace lining.

Slag Crushing before industrial application is a necessary process. The crushed slag have better actual properties in cement, highway , and so forth. We supply Slag Crusher Plant, which includes mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher, mobile impact crusher etc. It is suitable for quarrying, recycling, contracting and mining applications. Our mobile units meet high demands for mobility both on site and on the road.

Our products have been exported to many countries, such asIndia , Pakistan ,Philippines , Brasil , Romania , Egypt ,South Africa , Malaysia ,Lebanon , Vanuatu , Mongolia ,Oman , Kazakhstan , Uzbekistan ,Uruguay , Mexico , Vietnam , Nigeria , Kenya  etc.

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