Technological features of portable crushing plants

Portable crushing plant promoted by Liming Heavy Industry is mainly used in the convenient stone aggregate production of flexibility, construction waste crushing and open air coal mining, etc special occasion ore crushing & grinding. Portable  crushing plant is mainly made up of material crushing part and conveyor equipment with complex structure. And it mainly solves the technical problem of planning way of material site, lowering section with moving, protection from bombing and blasting work, cooperates with digging, etc. Thus mobile crushing plant supply valuable experience for large-sized ore mine, building hydropower engineering, of which problem is the commercial, reliability of stone aggregate.

Portablecrusher plant assembles crusher, vibrating feeder, feeder hopper, shape machine installed internally, driving and controlling system which is fixed on the movable chassis. Because the mobile crushing plant is affected by the quarry terrain, mining area, blasting technique, excavate equipment, follow-up material transporting condition, there are many arranging method. Method one is that the mobile crushing plant is fixed up haulage box, and the self-unloading car discharging into the mobile crushing plant and the stone is directly entered into haulage box after crushing. Method two is that portable crushing plant is fixed up on the stock ground, the self-unloading car gives the material for crushing, then transported by conveyor. The last method is that mobile crushing plant is fixed up on the mining face of stock ground. Then the excavator put up the stone material and gives the material to portable crushing plant and the stone material is transported via movable conveyor, follow-up semi-movable conveyor and fixed conveyor to the semi-finished products storage ground. All of these three methods can meet customers’ of different demands at a maximum limit.

According to different requirement of crafts, Liming Heavy Industry forms two processing flow of screening after crushing and crushing after screening as well as coarse crushing and fine crushing system, even the medium crushing system, which is of high flexibility. When mobile crushing plant is used for blasting, the stock ground has the same technological design with the common stock ground mining. Attention that should be paid to is the avoidance of damaging to mobile crushing plant by the flying stone. So large-amount of blasting is advised to reduce the frequency of mobile crushing plant to moving from one place to another place.

Large stone aggregate quarry adopts mobile crushing plant, and stone is often crushed first before transporting, especially using the conveyor and turning bin with highly security, which is one of the most reliable and economical crushing and transporting method. Although the purchasing fee is higher than other to adopt portable crushing plant in large-sized quarry, the total fee is the lowest for the more the transporting is, the economical advantage it is.

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