Tractor Mounted Rock Crusher

A Rock Crusher is the machinery which is generally used in mining, construction and other industries mainly to break down big material particles to smaller or tiny once. There are different kinds of crushers like Track mounted cone crusher, Jaw crusher, Gyratory crusher, Horizontal shaft impactors etc.

Traditional open pit mining required either costly fixed rock crusher installations or very limited mobility portable plant systems. The development of a track-mounted rock crusher allows extreme flexibility in bringing the actual crusher to the material. The track crusher eliminates high cost of fixed installations and reduces the amount conveyor systems required.

Tractor Mounted Rock Crusher

The main thing that a Tractor Mounted Rock Crusher  manufacturer has to keep in mind while manufacturing a Rock Crusher  is the mobility of the crusher. A manufacturer has to make sure that every specific feature of the machinery is delivering optimum performance, because a lot of things like cost and time are dependant on its performance.

The system requires precise control of the hydraulic and lubrication systems for proper machine performance resulting in consistent material crushing. Pressure and temperature transmitters monitor the lube system to ensure efficient machine operation and long bearing life resulting in improved up-time. Vibration sensors monitor shock loading caused by inconsistent materials to inform the operator of potential machine damage. By utilizing the advanced system, the track-mounted crusher is capable of quick setup and provides complete diagnostic information on the machine’s performance.

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