Analysis report for Coal mining industry using the device in South Africa

Analysis report for Coal mining industryusing the device in South Africa

A regional comparison was made between survey respondents from South Africa to those from other African nations. Figure 5 compares the responses regarding the use of OEMs and independent third-parties for strategic and non-strategic parts and processing equipment parts.
In generally speaking, Coal mining industry using the device including the coal jaw crusher pew series,coal impact crusher pf, coal hydraulic cone crusher, coal vertical roller mill, coal ball mill machines and so on!

There are a higher proportion of South African mines that used OEMs only compared with the rest of Africa, particularly for processing equipment parts, with 5% higher OEM use in South Africa versus other nations for both strategic and non-strategic parts. It is also interesting to note that there is no standalone use of third-party companies for South African respondents when it comes to strategic parts. Other nations have a small proportion using only third-party companies for their strategic parts, at 6%. Responses for non-strategic parts were quite similar between South Africa and other African nations, although there is a slightly higher proportion using a mix of both OEMs and third-parties for non-strategic parts in other nations.
  Analysis report for Coal mining industry using the device in South Africa
The results for processing equipment differ the most. South African respondents have a high proportion that uses purely OEM parts (74%), in comparison with only 51% for the other nations. The use of a combination of the two parts providers is more evenly split, with 24% for South Africa and 31% for other nations. However, there is a large difference in the stand-alone use of third-party providers. Other nations have a large proportion at 19%, in comparison with South Africa where only 3% purely use third-party parts providers. The higher use of OEMs in South Africa is directly aided by the abundance of mining and mining-related companies and facilities within the country.

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