MTW European Trapezium Mill

MTW European Trapezium Mill is the latest grinding equipment, with its own knowledge patents, have reached modern advanced level in the world. This series mill absorbing the European advanced technology and many engineers’ ripe experience, combining the actual requirement and proposal of our 9518 customers’, have been developed on the basis of our professional engineers’ hard researching.

MTW European Trapezium Mill MTW European Trapezium Mill

MTW European Trapezium Mill Features

1. Bevel gear overall drive: the traditional grinding mill is driven by speed reducer and coupling. It is hard to be installed. And there will be too much noisy, and the efficiency is lower. MTW series mill is driven by bevel gear, so its structure is compacter, easy to be installed and more efficient.

2. Inner automatic Thin-Oil lubricating system: the traditional mill adopts grease lubrication, so the lubricating resistance is stronger, the temperature will be higher soon, the bearing life is shorter. MTW series mill adopts inner L.O. pumps, so the main shaft bearing and bevel gear can be lubricated without an additional lubrication system.

3. Arc air channel: all of the air channel of traditional grinding mill is upright board type. In this case, there will be stronger resistance when the air impacts the air channel board, and the energy of collisions of air molecules loss heavily, as a result, the air channel will be jammed easily because of the eddy air flow. MTW series mill adopts a cambered air channel, the tangential air goes into air channel easily because there is small resistance. And the inner outlet is very good for the grinded material to spread around and avoid grinding material jammed.

4. Cambered shovel with renewable edge: The traditional shove is integral and edge always be worn out quickly, so you have to renew it in short time which affects the working time and wastes too much steel. The shovel edge of MTW series mill adopts high wearable limit alloy, its life will be longer. You only want to change the edge, not the whole shovel. so the steel material is saved. In addition, because the traditional shovel is plane type, the grinded material stacks on the same plane when it is scooped up. So the middle parts of the roller is worn out heavily. But the cambered shovel can scoop up the grinded material in the same vertical plane, that makes the rollers and ring worn equally. At the same, the grinding efficiency is higher and capacity is higher.

5. Separated cyclone: There is a separated structure between inner piping and mixed air and powder. The efficiency and precision of classifying is promoted highly.

6. No resistance snail shell (small checking door so that there is not an eddy air flow): In the traditional grinding mill, the checking door of snail shell is prominent, that mean the checking door and snail shell are not on the same plane. So there will be eddy air flow easily come into being. As a result, the energy waste is bigger. MTW series mill make the inner surface of checking door stay with the inner surface of snail shell on the same plane, so the eddy air flow is avoided efficiently.

7. Perfect outward appearance: Both of the inner parts and outer part of the MTW series mill adopt advanced structure and beautiful arc structure design. This makes the mill advanced and beautiful.

MTW European Trapezium Mill MTW European Trapezium Mill

MTW European Trapezium Mill Working Principle

First, raw material should be crushed by the jaw crusher to the size specified, and then the crushed stuff is elevated into a hopper from which the stuff is loaded, through the vibrating feeder, evenly and continuously into the grinding chamber for power-processing. After this, the ground stuff is carried by the air into the separator for screening. The fine powder are blow into the cyclone collector and are poured out through the output-powder valve as the final products and the rough stuff after the screening will be recycled back into the grinding chamber for regrinding. The set’s airflow system is closely sealed up and circulated under condition of negative pressure.

MTW European Trapezium Mill Technical Data

Table 1

Model Specification Name MTW110 MTW138 MTW175
Quantity of roller (PCS) 4 4 5
Inner diameter of ring (mm) Ф1100 Ф1380 Ф1750
Rotary speed of main frame(r/min) 120 96 75
Max. Feeding size(mm) < 30 < 35 < 40
Output size (mm) 1.6~0.045
The fineness
is 0.038
The fineness is 0.038
The fineness
is 0.038
capacity (t/h) 3.5~10 6.5~15 11~25
Overall dimension (mm) 8910×6950
Total weight (t) 18 28.5 46

Table 2

Name Item Unit Specifications & Technical Data
MTW110 MTW138 MTW175
Motor for main frame Model Y280M-6 Y315M1-6 Y355M1-6
Power kW 55 90 160
Rev. rpm 980 990 990
Motor for separator Model YCT200-4A(YCT200-4B) YCT250-4A(YCT225-4A) YCT225-4A(YCT250-4A)
Power kW 5.5(7.5) 18.5        11(18.5)
Rev rpm 125~1250 125~1250 125~1250
Motor for Elevator Model TH250 TH250 TH315
Motor model Y100L2-4 Y100L2-4 Y112M-4
Power kW 3 3 4
Rev rpm 1420 1420 1420
Motor for Blower Model Y250M-4 Y280M-4 Y315L1-4
Power kW 55 90 160
REV rpm 1480 1480 1480
Motor for Jaw Crusher Model PE 250×400 250×400 250×750
Y180L-6 Y180L-6 Y200L2-6
Power KW 15 15 22
REV rpm  970 970 970
Electro-Magnetic Vibrating Feeder Model GZ2F GZ3F GZ4F
Power W 150 200 450

Remarks: Capacity is based on grinding limestone, 80% passing-through. If the technical data and overall dimension is changed, it is subjected to the operation manual which is together with delivered goods.