capacity and energy of primary gyratory crusher

Primary gyratory crushers form a critical transition between the mine or quarry and the plant. Drilling and blasting produce material feed in a broad range of fragmentation, whether it is iron ore, copper ore, limestone or any other material. Most large operations depend on gyratory crushers to reduce the material to a manageable size suitable for the crushing or processing plant. As a key link in the process, these crushers must be chosen to meet capacity and performance requirements.

capacity and energy of primary gyratory crusher

Main customer benefits of  primary gyratory crushers

  • Exceptionally high capacity and maximum liner life
  • Long life and reliable operation provided by an extra heavy-duty frame
  • Optimized production provided by a computer-designed crushing chamber
  • Easy maintenance and service

Liming is a large and processional crushing equipment manufacture and supplier. Our primary gyratory crusher have large capacity and low energy cost. The capacity of primary crusher can achieve to 1000T/H. So if you want to more information about products, please contact us and tell us your requirements, we will help you select suitable machine.

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