How to correctly operate mobile jaw crusher

Correct operation is one of the important factors to ensure normal working of mobile jaw crusher. Improper operation, is an important reason for causing equipment and personal accident. Correct operation demands the users strictly follow the rules and regulations.

Before you start: start in the mobile jaw crusher before, the device must be fully double-check: Check the wear plate broken teeth, tuning of discharge port size; check whether the ore crushing cavity, if large pieces of ore must be removed; link bolts are loose; pulley and flywheel housings to protect the integrity; belt and the tightness of the spring rod is appropriate; storage tank (oil or dry oil storage device) of the fill level of fuel and lubrication systems intact situation; electrical equipment and signal systems are normal and so on.How to correctly operate mobile jaw crusher?

Before starting the crusher, you should first activate the pump motor and cooling system, by three to four minutes and after the oil pressure and oil flow indicator is normal, then activate the crusher motor.

Crusher start after start after a period of time, before starting operation to fight mine production facilities. Ore into the crusher to be gradually increased until the full load operation.

Operation should be noted that even to the mine, ore crushing chamber must not packed, but the maximum size for mad blocks to the mine mouth should not be greater than the width of 0.85 times. Meanwhile, the spade shovel to prevent tooth mineral and the drill rig and other non-broken objects into the crusher. Once these non-crushing objects into the crushing chamber, but through the machine’s port of discharge, shall immediately notify the belt transport jobs out in time to avoid a crushing machine to the next, resulting in serious equipment accidents.

Operation, always pay attention to big lumps stuck to the crusher in the mine mouth, if you have stuck, be sure to use hooks to flip the ore, if you need large pieces of ore removed from the crushing chamber, you should use special equipment, rigorous hand to carry out these tasks, in order to avoid accidents.
Operation which, if given too much or ore crushing chamber block, should be suspended to the mine, ore crushing chamber pieces to be finished, in the starting feeder, but then not allowed to stop the crusher operation.

The machine is running, you should take regular inspection tours, through seeing, hearing, touch and other methods to observe the work of the various components of breaker condition and bearing temperature, for large mobile jaw crusher bearings, should pay attention to the bearing temperature, bearing temperature by shall not exceed 60 degrees to prevent melting alloy bearing, resulting in bush-burning incidents.

To ensure the normal operation of the machine, do not allow persons unfamiliar with separate operating procedures crusher.

Breakers stop, you must follow in order to stop the production process, first we must stop to the mining, ore crushing chamber to be discharged after all, and then stop crusher and conveyor system. When the breaker completely stopped, stop the pump motor only. If you need more assist, please contact our engineers.

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