PEW750*1060 Jaw crusher production of non-compliance solutions

Factory production standard jaw crusher is strict, many places reason for this production was not the case, for many reasons, we analyzed the reasons, the development of a jaw crusher production of non-compliance solution:

1. The hardness or toughness of the material to be broken over the use of the range specified in the instructions, this time it should replace or increase crusher.

2. The position of the motor wiring reversed, the host opened the anti-car (moving jaw clockwise rotation), or the motor delta connection connected into star connection; you will need to replace electrical wiring.

3. nesting population is less than a predetermined limit; the discharge opening adjusted to the instructions provided nominal discharge opening and the increase for crushing jaw crusher;

4. jaw shift, the addendum and the addendum relative; Check tooth plate pitch dimensions, such as sub-standard replacement jaw shall, adjusting the relative position of being fixed jaw jaw with activities to ensure that the addendum on the tooth root after , fixed clamping to prevent displacement.

5. The work site voltage is too low; increase the voltage of the workplace to adapt the host heavy load requirements;

6. After the movable jaw and bearing wear gap is too large, the bearing outer ring relative rotation. This time it should replace the bearings or moving jaw.

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