Mobile Crusher Plant

For contracting, quarrying and in-pit crushing applications, Liming’s Mining and Construction Technology offers a wide range of proven products. With the mobile crushing plants, you can build a fully mobile and independent mobile process for your needs.

Wheel-mounted Mobile Crusher

Mobile Crusher Plant


Wheeled Jaw Crusher

  • YG938E69
  • YG1142E710
  • YG1349E912
  • YG1349EW86
  • YG1349EW110


Mobile Crusher Plant

Wheeled Impact Crusher

  • YG938 F1210
  • YG938 FW1214Ⅱ
  • YG938 FW1214Ⅱ
  • YG1142 F315
  • YG1142 FW315Ⅱ
  • YG1349 FW318Ⅱ


Mobile Crusher Plant

Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant

  • Vibrating Screen + Impact Crusher
  • Vibrating Screen + Cone Crusher



Mobile Crusher Plant
Combination Mobile Crusher

  • Y3S23G91 E46E51B
  • Y3S23G83 E46Y55B
  • Y3S54G83 E57Y75B
  • Y3S84G83 F00V71B
  • Y3S48G93 E69Y55K



Track-mounted Mobile Crusher

Mobile Crusher Plant


Tracked Jaw Crusher

  • YG935E69L
  • YG1138E71L



Mobile Crusher Plant


Tracked Impact Crusher

  • YG935FW1214ⅡL
  • YG1138FW315ⅡL
  • YG1138EW86L



Mobile Crusher Plant


Tracked Cone Crusher

  • YCS160L
  • YHP220L



Mobile Crusher Plant
Tracked Vibrating Screen

  • Y3S154GL
  • Y3S184GL
  • Y3S186GL
  • Y3S154BL
  • Y3S184BL
  • Y3S186BL