How to use and maintenance The coarse powder mill?

The most important thing in the use of mill equipment is the use methods and skills, as well as the maintenance and maintenance of mill equipment. Mill equipment is a type of milling machinery that is widely used in many industries. . In order to ensure the maximum crushing capacity of the pulverizer, it is necessary to operate the pulverizer according to the correct use and maintenance methods.

1. Before starting the equipment, the operator should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment, including the tightening of bolts in various parts, the oil level of the reducer and the lubrication of bearings.
2. The pulverizer should be started with no load, and can start feeding when it reaches the normal speed and there is no abnormal situation. Before the normal shutdown, the feeding should be stopped first, and the material in the crushing chamber should be drained before shutdown, except in special circumstances. Start-up with load is not allowed.

3. After long-term deactivation or before starting for the first time, the pulverizer should be inspected comprehensively to see if the bolts are loose, whether sufficient lubricating oil is injected into the reducer, whether the bearing is lubricated, whether the electrical circuit and the control switch are connected. Whether it is correct, whether the wiring is loose, and whether the material in the crushing chamber has been removed. After confirming that it is correct, jog to start the mill and observe whether the mill is running in the correct direction before it can be officially started.

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