5 1/2 foot cone crusher for crushing granite

As is known, granite is igneous rock and contains SiO2 with a percent higher than 65%, which are mainly feldspar, quartz and talc, etc. To make full use of granite, also for changing waste into valuable, granite can be used in glazing producing, substituting feldspar and quartz. So granite cone crusher plays an important role in granite processing plant.

5 12 foot cone crusher for crushing granite

In order to meet different customers’ needs,  we offers the STD/SHHD ( standard head and short head ) CS series cone crusher, The CS series cone crusher has different models such as 4 feet, 4 1/2 foot, 5 foot, 5 1/2 foot, 7 foot etc.

The features of 5 1/2 foot cone crusher:

  • The crushing capacity of standard cone crusher is from 45 TPH to 1270 TPH
  • The crushing capacity of short head cone crusher is from 27 TPH to 600 TPH.
  • Used as secondary crusher, tertiary crusher, also primary crusher.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Very simple design with high mechanical reliability.
  • Fixed or mobile applications.
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