business plan for gypsum production facility sale deutschland

Every year, we send a certain number of gypsum powder production units for our customers around the world. Our honored customers evaluate our gypsum processing plant as money making machine. Here we focus on more details of our gypsum powder production unit, also called gypsum processing plant.

At some gypsum production plants, drying, grinding, and calcining are performed in heated impact mills. In these mills hot gas contacts gypsum as it is ground. The gas dries and calcines the ore and then conveys the stucco to a product cyclone for collection. The use of heated impact mills eliminates the need for rotary dryers, calciners, and roller mills.

 business plan for gypsum production facility sale deutschland

Gypsum crushing plant

Gypsum crushing is the crucial stage in gypsum production line, especially when following heating is going to be carried out a pan instead of a shaft kiln. Crushing machine is primary size reduction plant for gypsum powder making. The often used crusher plant includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher.

Gypsum powder grinding machine

Gypsum grinding mill is no doubt the most important machinery in gypsum powder production plant. Grinding is the energy consuming process. It is crucial to choose proper powder mill with high performance and capacity. Our gypsum powder making mills are design in unique structure and with high quality grinding media. It is durable for various types of abrasive and hard materials.

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