Clay mining project use hydraulic cone crusher in Manzhouli PDF

Clay mining project use hydraulic cone crusher in Manzhouli PDF
With the construction industry greatly development, more and more material as the most important raw material More minerals are mined. Such as limestone,marble,clay and so on. Manzhouli has a better resource of clay,Manzhouli port before May refractory clay and other mineral export value increased greatly.

Clay as the most important raw material for bricks making plant, the clay bricks are used in a wide range of buildings from housing to factories, and in the construction of tunnels, waterways, bridges etc. Their properties vary according to the purpose for which they are intended, but clays have provided the basic material of construction for centuries.

The features of clay material:
In brick-making terms, clay covers a range of naturally occurring raw materials which are used to make a product. The clays vary considerably in physical properties, colour, hardness etc, and mineralogical content. They do, however, have certain properties in common. They have the ability to be crushed and mixed with water to form a plastic material which can be moulded into various shapes. This can then be fired to a high temperature during which process it attains a hard, weather resistant characteristic.

Hydraulic cone crusher applied for Clay mining project:
First of all, the clay mine belted into primary jaw crusher pe600*900 for the first crushing projects. A typical factory might have a Primary crusher, these are used to break down large lumps of rock to manageable size, which can then be fed to a Secondary hydraulic cone crusher, for example hpt cone crusher,, where the clay is reduced in size further. Water can be added here or if it is a dry pan the clay is reduced to dust and water added later.
Further crushing takes place through conveyor rollers reducing the clay particles to about 1-2mm.

The Clay mining project use hydraulic cone crusher capacity according to our customers demand can meet 100ton-1000ton!

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