coal crusher used in the coal beneficiation line

Coal crusher plays an important role in coal beneficiation line. So far, coal beneficiation line exist old coal handling equipment such as traditional underground coal beneficiation and coal crushing equipment, which is of low output with high energy consumption, causing increasingly investment and producing cost.

coal crusher used in the coal beneficiation line

How to solve this situation? Use new coal crusher can improve this situation. The old crusher cannot achieve this effect no matter on the design of crusher and coal beneficiation machine or high efficient coal beneficiation craft. So the old traditional coal beneficiation craft should generate.

Large and high efficient with durable coal beneficiation equipment becomes one of the necessary part of modern coal resource. And European countries has a coal fly ash requirement of 5%-8% with USA of no more than 1% of sulfur coal powder in electronic power station.

So no matter it is coating coal or thermal coal, washing and screening is the necessary process. Germany, England, France and Japanese choose all raw coal. In America, the low content fly ash of thermal coal needn’t be washed. Instead the coal will be screened first and remove large sized coal gangue with coal crusher. Now jigging machine heavy medium separator has the maximum handling capacity of 1000 t/h, and flotation separator of 50t/h.

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