cost of hp 1163 series coal mill in power plants

The HP mill, the latest in a series of coal mills, continues to redefine the standards in coal power grinding plants. The coal mill has played  an important part in the conversion to solid fuel by a number of industries. As energy costs continue to rise, and as the  differential between coal and the other commonly used petroleum-based fuels continues to increase, more industries are learning that converting to pulverized coal firing can be economically feasible.

cost of hp 1163 series coal mill in power plants

The features of coal mills

Wide range of capabilities – nine sizes provide base capabilities from 24 to 150 tph.
Quiet, smooth operation – design insures no metal-to-metal contact between grinding rolls and ring, fuel grinds on fuel…results in a smooth, vibration-free operation with low noise levels.
Handles variety of fuels – accepts bituminous, sub-bituminous and lignite coals and petroleum coke with initial moisture content as high as 40% for lignites.
Flexibility – available with both dynamic and static classier, spring or hydraulic journal loading, the bowl mill is designed to operate efficiently in direct and indirect solid fuel firing systems.

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