desulfurization gypsum production line is dedicated to power plant

The desulfurization gypsum production line is dedicated to power plant
The technology in the world today the most mature desulfurization technology is a method of lime, limestone, gypsum, to improve the efficiency of flue gas desulfurization, on the desulfurization technology for desulfurization of limestone powder, calcium oxide content and fineness of the demand is higher. Heavy industry science and technology of vertical roller mill, the dawn in the desulfurization gypsum production line, production of limestone, lime, crushing and grinding powder is particularly useful, for this process in the production of finished product quality has strict satisfy. The use of the process line because of its special properties, are widely used in steel mills and power plants stone paste production line of the grinding process of desulfurization, desulfurization rate above 92%, and convenient in operation and maintenance, effect is remarkable.

Crusher to break large size gypsum ore into small particles of less than 30 mm, conveying to the mill for grinding, the classifier will be grinding fineness products required after calcined gypsum raw powder into the fluidized bed, the rest back to mill for grinding again until qualified. The qualified gypsum powder after calcining is fed into the clinker storage or sent to the workshop for use.
Process five systems

According to the process, the production line of gypsum is divided into five parts, which are broken system, storage conveying system, powder grinding system, calcining system, and electronic control system.
The equipment used in the process: PE – jaw crusher – ou-type grinding or vertical grinding mill

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