double toggle jaw crusher installation

Double Toggle Jaw crushers are installed by manufacturing plant, and then supplied for customers. After receiving double toggle jaw crusher, customers should check carefully, in order to find the problems in the transportation.

Double Toggle Jaw crusher installation should pay attention to the followings.

1. Double Toggle Jaw crusher has a larger vibration when working, so jaw crusher machine should be installed on concrete foundations. In order to reduce vibration, noise and influence on nearby building foundations, we should put hardwood pad, rubber belt or other cushioning materials between jaw crusher and concrete.

2. We should put a layer of metal plates on the discharge trough of jaw crusher, which has enough tilt angles (depending on the flow of materials, and not less than 50 °), to ensure the discharge of the finished products after crushing.

3. The size of double toggle jaw crushers’ discharging open should be adjusted according to finished product granularity. When adjusting, we should loosen “T” bolts and tension springs firstly. Using jackbolt to open adjust seat, insert or remove the corresponding thickness gasket, and then return jackbolt. In the function of movable jaw dead-weight, adjust seat is close to the rack seat, while pressure gasket unit together. Then adjusting the spring pressure, to ensure that toggle plate is close to toggle plate pad when jaw crusher working. But the pre-stress should not be too large, as long as no mechanical percussion, and finally lock the adjust seat.

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