How to repair and maintain Mobile Impact Crusher

To ensure longer life of Mobile Impact Crusher, the user should have a good repair and maintenance for it. And if Mobile Impact Crusher is maintained properly, its service life will be prolonged 30%~50%.

How to repair and maintain Mobile Impact Crusher?
(1) Before being put into operation, Mobile Impact Crusher needs to inspected carefully, for example, whether fasteners is loose or not, whether wear-resistant parts should be replaced or not, whether lubrication and cooling system is ok, etc.
(2) Mobile Impact Crusher should be started in the sequence as follows: dust removal equipment–conveying equipment—crusher and feeder. These machines should run without load firstly, after making sure there is no abnormal condition, these machines can run with load.
(3) In the process of running, you should pay more attention to inspecting lubricating system, and adding or replacing the lubricating oil regularly. The temperature of rotor-bearing should be below 60 °, the maximum temperature cannot exceed 70°
(4) When stopping machines running, it should be according to the sequence of production flow chart, which is in contrary to the starting sequence: Feeder has to be stopped firstly, when materials in crusher is discharged completely, then main motor and final product conveying equipment system can be stopped.
(5) When the final product size is too big, users should check the wear condition of hammer and impact plate, and the clearance between them.
The Mobile Impact Crusher is the star product of Liming Heavy Industry, which can produce final products with good-quality particle shape, contribute to making the mobile crushing unit have a wider application range.

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