limestone grinding system

Liming can supply Wet FGD Limestone Grinding Systems with an attritor vertical ball mill or a standard horizontal ball mill.  The vertical ball mills are available with capacities up to 40 st/hr.  This type of mill requires a limestone size of 6mm or 1/4” x 0”.  The horizontal mill requires a feed sizes of 20mm (¾” ) or smaller.  If the limestone feed is 20mm for a vertical mill system, we will provide a size-reduction unit between the feeder and mill input.

limestone grinding system

These systems typically include:

  • Silo Loading Systems: mechanical or pneumatic
  • Storage Silos up to 38’ diameter with height as required for the specified capacity.  These silos are typically field-welded.
  • Silo Accessories to include:
    • Access to Silo Roof
    • Silo Vent Filter
    • Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valve
    • Continuous and Point-Level Monitors
  • Silo Discharge Bin Activator
  • Volumetric or Gravimetric Feeder
  • Optional Hammermill Crusher
  • Limestone Wetting Funnel
  • Horizontal or Vertical Ball Mill
  • Mill Product Tank
  • Hydrocyclone Feed Pumps
  • Hydrocyclones
  • Complete Control System with PLC and HMI soft controls

We can provide skilled field engineers and technicians for startup service and operator training. We are large and famous limestone mill manufacture, and supply various models grinding mill machines. Know more information, please contact us by customer severice.

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