mobile roller crusher operation methods

The mobile roller crusher is a portable processing device. It is designed to process product from a destemmer or sorting table to a secondary sorting system.

The mobile roller crusher operation methods:

1. Visually inspect the unit for any signs of damage, cracks, fatigue or loose components. Any damaged components should be repaired or replaced immediately. See P&L Specialties’ contact information on the last page of this manual.

2. Position and level the unit to ensure safe and stable operation. Make certain that the caster wheels are all facing the same direction and that the brake mechanisms are all in the locked position.

3. Connect the unit to the appropriate power source (voltage/phase).

4. Press the ON button.

5. Allow unit to run freely for 1-5 minutes before loading any product.

The mobile roller crusher features include: an integrated stainless steel mini-hopper, built in safety screen, spring-loaded rubberized rollers to protect against damage and adjustable so that the crushing force can be controlled. This adjustment allows for various berry sizes, skin toughnesses and seed sizes to get effective squashing without breaking.

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