South Africa Maifei Ken Diamond waste production line

Materials Processing: Waste Diamonds
Yield: 30-50t / h
Feed size: 720mm
The particle size: 0-5mm, 5-13mm, 13-20mm or 0-40mm
Device Configuration: Y3S23G93E46Y55B mobile station
Diamond waste production line:

Diamond waste production line is the first chunk of diamond waste is transported to jaw crusher for primary crushing, sieving into the second stage hydraulic cone crusher, the size of the finished product according to the needs of different industries can be processed.
Diamond reserves and production in South Africa are among the highest in the world, large-scale exploitation of diamonds, generated a lot of waste of diamonds, diamonds waste resource utilization, can change waste into treasure. The project is by the mobile station for processing diamonds waste, will be applied to the finished road and housing construction.

This mobile station since June 2013 and put into production, the overall effect is stable, low failure rate. Finished fits our customers high quality gravel road and housing construction material requirements needed for its successful effort to mineral development and construction of infrastructure linked dawn exactly what we need responsible producers.

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