Technical specification of mobile crusher plant

Mobile crusher plant is a new rock crushing equipment lunched by Liming Heavy Industry, and is popular in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea etc. The complete equipments of mobile crushing plant include primary crushing plant and secondary crushing plant, belt conveyor etc. All levels crushing plant is an independent unit, and can complete different duty.

Technical specification of mobile crusher plantCompared to other crushing equipments, mobile crushing plant is of excellent performance, high reliability, cost-effective. The main process equipments are optimized and enhanced design, which has higher strength, better performance. Mobile crusher machines are highly integrated and very compact in the unit, to save space and weight. Different unit are installed on the independent removable chassis. So the same unit can move flexibly, not only can be adjusted freely location in the crushing plant, but also can travel on ordinary roads.

Mobile crushing plant can be combined to coarse and fine crushing & screening system according to actual demand, and also be combined to coarse, medium, fine crushing & screening system. It can be designed as: crushing first and screening, or screening first and then crushing, crushing and screening can be used alone.

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