Technological Process Of Stone Crushing Line

Although there are many types of  technological process of stone crushing line, they are combined with several simple groups which are called principle flow.

The stone crushing line is formed by the crusher, screener and auxiliary equipment in the stone crushing processing site. And the complexity of stone crushing line is determined by the properties of stone, the requirement of crushing granularity & finished product, the rationality of economic benefit, etc. These are five stone crushing line for customers’ reference:

1. Open circuit without screening & crushing line, which means the layout without screening is the finished product. This stone crushing line can be adopted when the requirement of finished product is loose.

2. Open circuit with screening & crushing line, which means the raw material is screened for disengagement of the fine material so as to reduce the crusher’s power consumption and reduce the stone’s too fine crushing.

3. Circuit with screening & crushing line, which means the coarse fraction production after crushing & screening is crushed again (also called steam again) with the quantity of steam again to the feeding is called cycle load coefficient. The higher the cycle load coefficient is, the content is lower of the finished product which is qualified and fineness, the particle grain size is larger of the stone material in the crusher’s cavity.

4. Combining with the prescreening and grade checking line, besides, which has the two functions’ characteristics, the prescreening can separate the earth in the raw material and the fragment of the weathered layer to ensure the macadam’s neat and quality, what’s more, this waste can be reused in the road engineering as cement or lime or fly ash, which is for the basic level construction in the mixture aggregates.

5. Combining with the prescreening and grade checking as a whole line, which is rare. This stone crushing line crush the material with several repeatedly classifications to achieve more standards of end products.

Liming Heavy Industry (Shanghai) new stone crushing line is a dedicated production line for processing various stone materials, and can save 50% than traditional stone crushing machine. The stone production line has also the advantages of high automation, low operating costs, high crushing efficiency, energy saving, large output, less pollution, easy maintenance and so on.

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