TGM series grinding mill applied for concrete making industry Indonesia

TGM series grinding mill applied for concrete making industry Indonesia

Materials: Barite Powder

Fineness Requirement: 200mesh ~ 325mesh

Offer Equipment: TGM series Trapezium Mill ,Primary PEW series jaw crusher, Hydraulic Cone Crusher and other auxiliary equipments.

Output: 55ton -120ton per hour

Indonesia construction industry greatly development recently years, the construction raw material concrete, cement, granite production has a larger demands.

In order to produce high-density concrete aggregate, crushed barite with fineness between 200mesh and 325mesh is usually important raw materials. Our company designed primary jaw crusher PEW series, Hydraulic cone crusher HPT Series, TGM series grinding mill machines and other auxiliary equipments.

In order to improve efficiency, the bag filter can be changed to pulse bag filter and the whole powder grinding system can be designed as open circuit instead of closed circuit.

Concrete aggregate refers to those mineral particulate materials with diameter over 0.16mm which usually play the role of fill and skeleton in concrete. According to the apparent density, aggregate can be divided into three kinds that are ordinary aggregate, lightweight aggregate and heavy concrete (such as barite). High-density concrete aggregate usually refers to heavy concrete and the barite stone must be firstly pulverized into 200mesh ~ 325mesh before being used to produce high-density concrete aggregate.

TGM series grinding mill machines which play an important role in the concrete making industry as grinding mill equipment, the larger size barite material belt into the TGM Series grinding mill for grinding the suitable size material.

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