used hydraulic roller mill machinery for sale in japan auction

Fully hydraulic roll mills can be used for many different applications. They are most suitable for a wide range of medium to high viscosity products. The hydraulic roll mills are designed for meeting highest quality demands and at the same time enable convenient, easy operation and quick cleaning.

used hydraulic roller mill machinery for sale in japan auction

Features of used hydraulic roller mill machinery

1. With the advanced hydraulic control system, users can adjust the pressure according to the material hardness, so that can press and pulverize the materials absolutely;
2. With sensor, the machine can load relief when overload, so that to protect the machine;
3. The advanced hard faced technology improves the roller covers’ life;
4. Good performance, low cost in operation and easily maintenance.

Working principle of used hydraulic roller mill machinery

The ground material spills over the grinding table rim and is entrained by the stream of hot gas emerging from the nozzle ring. The gas stream dries the material and carries it entirely or in part to the high-efficiency separator. The portion of material not transported by the hot gas stream is returned to the mill via an external circuit with bucket elevator. The finished material is discharged in the stream of gas and collected in cyclones and/or in the dust collection filter. Even low-temperature exhaust gas can be used for the combined grinding and drying process, allowing unproblematic drying of raw materials with moisture contents of up to 20 %.

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