Wheeled Jaw Crusher Make Construction Waste Treasure

Recently years, the demand for construction aggregate is greatly increased along with the city construction, highway, railway construction and other infrastructure construction, also the standard about the aggregate quality is higher. Many people choose river stone to make sands, but because usually the construction aggregate is local needed, it’s is not the best solution to buying from other far places. So, to crush the construction waste then produce aggregate can solve this problem, not only disposed these waste but also make them treasure.

According to a statistics, in our country, the construction waste take up 30%-40% in the total city waste. And it will increase about 30 billion square meters to 2010, it is a shocking number. Because the material of construction waste is completed, the stock place is limited, usually common equipments is hard to deal with.Liming construction waste mobile crusher can provide primary crushing, fine crushing and screening according to different materials.

Wheeled Jaw Crusher can deal with the material at the first site, to avoid many processes which can greatly reduce the material transportation cost. Also, Wheeled Jaw Crusher is very environment friendly, and with big capacity which can maximum meet the demand of deal with construction waste.

Liming mobile crusher will be used more and more in construction waste crushing with the urbanization move forward.

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