0.5 micro pulverizer grinding machine india

Micro pulverizer grinding machine is a high efficiency grinding unit offering a wide range of particle sizing from granular to fine grinds of upto 325 mesh with safety & economy. Micro pulverizer grinding mill is mainly used for processing gypsum, calcspar, talc, and other materials used in painting, pigment and cosmetics industry.

0.5 micro pulverizer grinding machine india

Features of micro pulverizer grinding machine

  • Adopt flexible connection between the mainframe and the classifier, avoiding too much vibrating
  • Using Germany Flender reducer ensure that it has reliable performance.
  • Classifier applies high-density blade and it is easy to adjust the by equipping frequency control system.
  • Applying dust bypass collector, it won’t bring environment pollution.
  • Optimized design make powder centralized collection and packing become easy.

Application of 0.5 micro pulverizer grinding machine

  • Desulfurization plant
  • Paper making industry
  • Cement additives industry
  • Paint industry
  • Oil drilling industry
  • Cosmetics & Aviation
  • Concrete Aggregate
  • Advanced Rubber industry
  • Cement Materials industry
  • Soil Amendment industry
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