Building the first airport cargo Nigeria used mobile crushing plants

According to Nigeria’s “TODAY” 30 May reported about Nigeria than states Works, Transport and Energy Minister Wakil in the state capital Damaturu, said the state government will soon sign a contract, the construction of the northern part of Nigeria in Damaturu The first cargo airport.

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Wakil said that after the completion of the airport, will both freight and passenger markets. Currently, the state is more than about 19 states in northern Nigeria have not only a state airport. However, the current state of the 19 northern airports are airport passenger, freight can not be achieved function, makes it impossible to make a profit.
Wakil noted that cargo airport is about than the state of meat, dairy products, gum arabic, and other products exported to facilitate and increase foreign exchange earnings in the state. Currently, the Nigerian Ministry of Aviation, Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and other regulatory agencies in respect of the construction of the airport do a feasibility study, and agreed to sign the construction contract.
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