Closed Circuit Impact Crushers principle and application

Closed Circuit Impact Crushers are widely used in road & bridge construction, city buildings, metallurgy, energy source, etc. with the function of crushing and screening, especially in highway, railway, water & electrical engineer and so on some liquidity stone’s operation. And customer can adopt different kinds of equipments according to the kinds of raw material which needs processing.

Closed Circuit Impact Crusher is promoted by Liming with the function of rock and construction garbage crushing equipment, which has expanded the conceptual area of coarse & fineness working. The designing idea concentrates on the customer’s point of view to take the obstacles that leads by the crushing site, environment, various basic devices and delivering as the first solution, of which principle is approaching dealing to apply a simple, efficiency and low cost running hardware equipment. According to different crushing craft, the technological process of screening after crushing and crushing after screening are both well used, combining coarse and fineness screening system or coarse, medium, fineness screening system, which is of high flexibility to meet customers’ requirement. Closed Circuit Impact Crushers can be classified into standard form and closed circuit form, even the combinationalized type.

Closed Circuit Impact Crushers’s sand processing system utilizes movable artificial sand processing system, which will reduce the excavating, civil engineering, installation and dismounting of traditional artificial sand processing system to increase the efficacy and lower the operating costs.

Closed Circuit Impact Crushers can also deal with the concrete and building garbage in rural construction. Liming’s Closed Circuit Impact Crusher is the first and best choice for foam concrete as well as the construction garbage processing, which can be reused after sorting, rejecting and crushing such as wasted rebar, iron wire, wire and all kinds of wasted steel accessories. The wasted wood can be used for man-made wood as well as the brick, stone and concrete can replace the sand after crushing for masonry, plasterer and the concrete cushion, etc. Closed Circuit Impact Crusher is specially appropriate for the small crushing site, suitable for construction garbage and construction garbage crushing and foam concrete processing.

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