coal pulverizer and coal grinding machinery

The coal crusher(coal pulverizer) is a impacting rotor crusher with the crushing loop. Compared with the traditional crusher, the coal crusher has the characteristics as below:
1. Easy design of product craft with one time crushing and screening of high performance.
2. Little noise, little dust, low consumption, extensive crushing scope with the material of high moist.
3. Multi-function of the product with the three grades screening, without chute blockage and the adjustment of the fineness of end product.
4. Operating locally or centralized controlling.

Liming Heavy Industry’s coal crusher has the crushing gallus is revolving with the rotor, while the crushing loop spins and impacts with the rotor, with the spinning around the suspend rotor. And the crushing process of coal crusher is made up of two steps. Firstly, the crushing loop impacts the material when the material goes into the cavity. Secondly, the coarse granule material following on the sieve plate is twisted and extruded and ejected from the layout. Lastly, a few materials that can not crush enter into the waste chamber, which can be erased periodically. The fineness adjustment of ejection of compact is through changing different standard sieve plate, and the interval between rotor and sieve plate can be adjusted by adjusting the structure of equipment.

The differences between coal crusher and coal mill:

The coal mill is the machine which can crush the coal briquette and grind into coal powder. Also the coal mill is the important auxiliary device of pulverized coal furnace. It is obviously that the coal mill is the milling equipment. So coal mill have the essential difference with coal crusher. The milling process of coal mill is the process of crushing and the crushing coal’s area is adding continuously. To add the new surface area, the binding force of molecular should be overcome with the consumption of power. The coal is milled into coal powder, which is mainly milled by crushing, shredding and braying. The crushing process saves power most while the braying process wastes the power most. Each coal mill has more than two processes, but it is mainly depended by the type of coal mill. The coal mill can be classified into low, intermediate and high speed coal mill according to its rotor’s speed.

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