Comparison of performance and application between grid and overflow type ball mill

The grinding product of the overflow type ball mill is free overflow through the hollow journal of the discharge ore. For this reason, the level of ore slurry in the cylinder must be higher than the level of the lowest busbar of the ore discharge journal. Therefore, it is sometimes called a high ore slurry level grinder. The discharge is not as smooth as the grid type ball mill, and sometimes the particles that have reached the grinding particle size cannot be discharged in time and continue to be impacted and ground by the steel balls, resulting in the low productivity of the mill and the phenomenon of “over-grinding” of the product. However, the flow-type ball mill is simple in structure, easy to operate and maintain, and the product is relatively fine.

The grinding product of the grid ball mill is discharged from the ore discharge grid plate, which has the effect of forced ore discharge, and the ore discharge speed is fast. In the mill, there is a height difference between the feeding end and the discharging end of the pulp surface, and the speed of the pulp passing through the mill is accelerated, so that the finely ground ore particles can be discharged in time. Therefore, minerals with higher density will not be concentrated in the ball mill, and the “over-crushing” is lighter than the overflow type ball mill, and the grinding speed is faster. At the same time, since there is less pulp stored in the grid-type ball mill and there are grid plates to block it, more balls can be loaded, which is convenient for loading small balls. When the steel balls fall, the effect of reducing the impact effect due to the resistance of the pulp is also lighter. For these reasons, its productivity and efficiency are higher than that of the overflow ball mill (about 10%~25% higher), and the product particle size is coarse, and it is not easy to produce excessive smash. However, the lattice type ball mill has a complex structure, high quality and large power consumption. Due to the high productivity, the specific productivity per unit power consumption is still higher than that of the overflow type. The grid type ball mill is widely used in the concentrator for rough grinding, and the particle size characteristics of the raw ore are

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