European Type Impact crusher Applied for the mica processing plants

Mica is a rock-forming minerals, usually hexagonal or diamond was fake plates, sheets, columnar crystal form. Color changes with the chemical composition varies, mainly with the increase of Fe content and darker. Mica insulation properties, high temperature, shiny, stable physical and chemical properties, good thermal insulation, elasticity and toughness.

Mica Application:

Most used in industry is muscovite, followed by phlogopite. Its widely used in building materials industry, the fire industry, fire extinguishing agents, welding, plastics, electrical insulation, paper, asphalt paper, rubber, pearlescent pigments and other chemical industries. Ultra-fine mica powder for plastics, coatings, paints, rubber and other functional fillers can improve their mechanical strength, enhanced toughness, adhesion, anti-aging and corrosion-resistant type. Has a very high electrical insulation, resistance to acid corrosion, flexibility, toughness and sliding, heat insulation, thermal expansion coefficient and other properties

mica processing  Processing plants:
1.Frist of all, beneficiation, flotation mica and winnowing.

  1. Physical and chemical properties of the surface of mica and gangue different conduct sorting. ② Crushing and Grinding Plants → → winnowing sieve classification.

3.① Ore by crushing, grinding mica monomer dissociation, in the role of agents, product separation and bubbles of mica and gangue. ② After crushing the ore, forming a thin sheet of mica basically, while the gangue minerals feldspar, quartz was massive particles.

  1. Beaten into a finished packaging
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