Factors which effect jaw crusher discharge uneven

As well konwn that, compared other stone crushers, Jaw crusher has larger crushing ratio, uniform particle size product, is widely applied for mining industry. However, the use of jaw crusher, sometimes uneven material particle size, which requires jaw crusher has a certain ability to protect itself, to ensure safe operation of equipment.
Factors which effect jaw crusher discharge uneven
So, how to prevent jaw crusher discharge unevenly it?After our managers analyze, we have this five factors:

1. the motor circuit reversed. Cause the machine to reverse (moving jaw clockwise rotation), or motor connected in delta connection star connection, this phenomenon is more common. Before the test, we want to carefully inspect the work, effective solutions to avoid this phenomenon.

2, the jaw displacement. After the jaw position changed, and the addendum addendum relative, you can solve the problem by adjusting the jaw.

3. wear between parts. After moving jaw and bearing wear gap is too large, the bearing outer ring relative rotation. Then you must replace bearings, moving jaw or other possible ways to reduce the moving jaw and bearing clearance.

4. Pai mine mouth size of the problem. The nesting population is less than a predetermined limit, then adjust the nesting population problem will be solved. Heavy learned from Red Star, by shimming, wedge adjustment, hydraulic adjustment or supporting device adjustment method to adjust.

5. the broken material does not meet the standards. Hardness or toughness material to be broken over the use of the range specified in the instructions, this problem should carefully read the instructions before use, for maximum hardness jaw crusher can crush materials to choose the right machine can be avoided.

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