Famous mobile crushing & screening equipments manufacturers

The world’s three famous brands mobile crushing & screening stations
Mobile crushing screening substation integrated design, high integration, strong mobility, easy maintenance, stable performance, strong adaptability advantages now by mining, metallurgy, coal industry, urban construction waste, be under the infrastructure, the urban construction in China’s fastest-growing crushing screening equipment, we are below listed some well-known mobile crushing screening stations. For the first time, domestic mobile fragmentation screening stations are on the list for the first time.

1.Sandvik, the Sandvik group, which has grown into a global leader in manufacturing for more than 150 years
Product series: QJ series mobile crusher, crusher, QH mobile crushing machine, QI mobile crusher .QA mobile crushing and screening equipment, QE series mobile crusher, UJ series mobile crusher, UD mobile crusher, UF mobile crushing screening, UV series crushing screening machine

2, [the U.S.] TEREX TEREX (an investment in China, top fortune 500 companies, more than 20 years of American history can be traced back to 1933, providing machinery and industrial products provide solutions, TEREX group)
Series: J series mobile station crusher, I series mobile station crusher, C series mobile station crusher
3, [the U.S.] JOYGLOBAL joy global is a 130 – year – old mine equipment suppliers, products and related services are widely used in coal, copper, iron ore, the exploitation of oil sands, gold and other mineral resources.

The P&H series mobile stands for crushing and screening equipment
Mobile crushing screening equipment widely used in the construction industry, mining crushing industry, flour industry, etc., our company also provides the K series mining crushing screening equipment, if you need more information and price, please leave a message to us!

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